Game Grumps Animated - Luigi's Last Breath

1 month ago
Source from Super Mario Bros U Deluxe: FINALE - PART 22 - Game Grumps

(Edit) I noticed Arin's face and corners got corrupted at 00:56 for some reason, the animation wasn't like that when I uploaded it is totally Youtube's glitch, I really can't think of re-upload it just because of that but is kinda fast I don't know if anyone noticed.

I wanted to warm up making something not to Crazy to see how I can balance simple Animation without making it look too bad, took me a couple months since I wanted everything to look good and I want to focus in one style of characters from now on since over time I was changing to much the style of characters to test what suits me better, Also trying a different style of lines and using more edited images for backgrounds as I did in other animations instead of drawing a simple background with some colors, I think this approach may work better so I have more clear what I'll be making from now on. So stick around I may get back at it and I'll do my best to keep the quality up, thanks for your support is Always appreciated, see you soon.

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Game Grumps Animated - Luigi's Last Breath

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