Foam Orgies: The Dangerous Sex Life of Tree Frogs

1 year ago
Foam orgy parties are the norm for these tree frogs

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Top 10 Weird Ways Animals Stay Warm in Winter
“To conquer the cold, animals have astounding survival skills such as antifreeze blood, lounging by hot springs, and even having gender-bender orgies.”
To Mate, This Frog and Her Sex Partners Work Up a Lather
“The female gray foam-nest tree frog increases her odds of reproducing by mating with multiple males and bubble-wrapping her eggs.”
New Mating Position Adds to 'Frog Kama Sutra'
“All of the nearly 7,000 frog species mate in one of six positions—except for the Bombay night frog, which has introduced a seventh.”
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Written by Carin Bondar and Animated by Joe Presser

Foam Orgies: The Dangerous Sex Life of Tree Frogs

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