Fifa 18 - TOP 10 GOALS OF THE WEEK #14 (Best Fifa 18 Goals)

1 year ago
The best goals, plays & moments from Fifa 18 are right here, welcome to the Top 10 Goals of the Week for Fifa 18.

It's the brand new Top 10 series where the best goals are on show, have you scored an epic winner, clutched up with an awesome equalizer or even had a funny fail get involved in the next episode of the Fifa Goals of the Week.

VOTE in the comments below for your favorite goal/play to give them the chance of advancing to the Fifa 18 Goal of the Month & maybe even the Fifa 18 Goal of the Year 2018!!

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Fifa 18 - TOP 10 GOALS OF THE WEEK #14 (Best Fifa 18 Goals)

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