Fatal Immortality: The Company That Will Back Up Your Brain

8 months ago
Is the chance to live forever worth risking your life?
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Narrated by Jack Daniel www.jackdanielvo.com
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

This question is usually asked of those who perform dangerous stunts which promise to live long in the memory of mankind, like skydiving from space, or being shot out of the world's largest cannon into a tank of a tiny baby cannons that are actually sharks. But in recent months, incredible claims have been made regarding a brain preservation technique which may enable you to live forever. A startup firm called Nectome believes that by using their super fancy pickling recipe, the human brain can be so well preserved that one day we may be able to restore your mind and memories artificially. Unfortunately, this procedure comes at a heavy cost, because if you want to achieve eternal existence, you must first pay with your life.

Fatal Immortality: The Company That Will Back Up Your Brain

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