Everyday Things We're Using WRONG

8 months ago
We don't know what we're doing when it comes to using our world or the products in it the correctly, as this list is about to show you! How we’ve lived all of these years not knowing what we’re doing with the things that we use all the time, we don’t know, but we’re here to let you in on these little secrets so that you can stop looking like a fool! Here we go, this is Everyday Things We’re Using Wrong!

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8. Soft Drink Lids
We’ve all probably lived our entire lives drinking soft drinks from cups at fast food and other restaurants not knowing that the lids atop our delicious beverages can actually do double duty! You can either take your cover off, or grab another, and set it on the table and guess what? Your drink will fit perfectly on it, right in the round slot in the top of the lid! Now, not all covers are the same and not all will work this way, but we bet if you pay attention in the future, you’ll have a good old coaster far more often than not!

7. Tic Tacs
Yes, the world famous mint pictured here whose orange flavor is straight-up candy is something we can, and probably have been, eating wrong. It’s not that we’re doing it wrong, it’s just that we didn’t know about the little space provided on the inside of the lid for you to gently shake one, single Tic Tac into, as you can see in this picture. Rather than violently jerking and shaking the pack to get a whole bunch or none, just let one ease out into its singular Tic Tac holder! Easy peasy.

6. Chinese Takeout
We all know and love Chinese food, or you should if you don’t. One remarkable thing about dining on Chinese is that they offer takeout, which allows you to take your delicious food home in those fancy little boxes. You always see people digging through the boxes with their forks or chopsticks and the boxes are still intact, but that’s not using them to their full potential! The containers are designed so that they can fold out into a plate so you can enjoy your food wherever you are, and then you can just reassemble the box! Good luck doing that origami with leftovers sitting in the middle of it.

5. The Ketchup Container
Do you know the little paper cups that fast food restaurants leave out next to the ketchup so that you can help yourself to the tasty, tomato-y, condiment? You can actually fold those out, as you can see that the paper is folded over upon itself all the way around the cup, and suddenly you have a much, much larger cup! You quickly and easily multiply the space available to fill with your ketchup and can successfully save more of the cups by filling up your unfolded cups rather than grabbing a bunch and being wasteful! The more you know!

4. Nut Butter Storage
Who here randomly craves pb&j’s or perhaps just a nice scoop of natural peanut, almond, walnut, or any other delicious butter like what you see in this picture every now and then? You’ll know just how big a pain in the butt the butter of choice can be when it first comes to opening it and mixing it until its consistency is correct, right? You wrestle and wrestle your knife or spoon to mix the thick treat as well as possible, almost breaking your wrist and giving yourself an aneurysm at the same time, but what if we told you that you didn’t have to do that? Simply store your natural nut butter upside-down as this advises so that if separation occurs, when you flip it to use it, it automatically begins to mix on its own and this makes it dramatically easier to stir!

3. Keyboard Problems
We’ve probably all seen, or at some point stumbled across, the feet that fold out on the bottom of a keyboard on the side farthest away from us, right? Well, did you know that, if you’re a decent typer who can blind type (type without looking), you should keep those little feet in the upright and locked position, as seen here, because by having it angled, it can really mess with your wrists! The slight difference in angle can make a huge difference, especially if you work on the computer or spend a decent amount of time on one every day. So keep them down unless you’re one of those typers that has to look and pokes at the keys, then you can keep it up!

2. Way Too Much Toothpaste!
Everyone falls for the toothpaste ads on tv and the internet because no one can put anything on the internet that isn’t true. No, we believe it because marketing is a game and toothpaste companies know how to play. On every commercial or ad we see for toothpaste, we see a nice, long, fat, caterpillar of toothpaste covering the entire head of the toothbrush, but the truth is, you only need to use an amount the size of a pea! A full toothbrush does look nice, but you also use two to three times as much toothpaste in a brushing, thus need to buy two to three tubes of toothpaste in the time you could still be using just the one. You see, marketers are smart!


Everyday Things We're Using WRONG

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