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6 months ago
These handmade Christmas gift baskets are the perfect thoughtful gift for the people on your list who you don't know what to buy for. They are filled with useful items that they can appreciate all winter long. They are all natural and simple to make.

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Shop the supplies:
Metal candle tins-
2 ounce glass sprayer-
Roller bottle-
4 ounce plastic bail jar-
Small wooden spoons
Muslin bags-
Turkish hand and face towels-
Candle Wicks-
Off brand EO's for candles- (cinnamon) (eucalyptus)
White waterproof vinyl sticker labels-

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DIY Lip Balm-
How to Make Beeswax Candles-
DIY All Natural Body Butter Recipe-

I love making handmade gifts for Christmas. When you have several people on your list who you don't know what to buy for (teachers, cousin in-laws, grandmas, aunts) they are the perfect way to show that you care and get them something they may actually use.

I remember when I was kid, the standard gift for someone who already had everything, or who you knew absolutely nothing about their interests, was a lotion and shower gel set from Bath and Body Works. I still remember the lower vanity cabinet overflowing with half used gift sets. Although I loved the smell of Country Apple, which you could catch a whiff of 30 feet down the hallway, the toxic ingredients don't do a whole lot for health.

The handmade items in this gift basket are full of all natural ingredients and essential oils. They are hydrating for the skin, smell delicious and have positive health benefits.

Win. win. win.

If you have a long list of people who you usually need to get gifts for it's a great idea to spend a Saturday making everything in large quantities and putting baskets together.

Don't feel the need to add every single thing from the list. Even a sweet little beeswax candle, a jar of body butter and a tea towel are a great set in a gift bag.

If you have someone on your list who you like to spoil a little more, you can make the entire thing.

The key is is simplicity and thoughtfulness.

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Steps to handmade Christmas gift baskets
Gather all of the ingredients (linked below).
Gather all of the containers (linked below).
Print off the labels (linked below).
Set aside an entire day to knock out 10+ gift baskets. And make sure to save some of the items for yourself! You'll thank me midwinter when cold air and hot water have caused your hands to dry out. That body butter is amazing!
Christmas Tree Room Spray
Room spray is a great way to get that cozy Christmas tree scent in every area of your home. It is subtle, yet festive. Spray it on the stockings on the mantle, or the towels hanging up in the bathroom.

10 drops balance (This is a blend I like from doTERRA, but if you don't have this use spruce, white fir or douglas fir)

10 drops cypress

5 drops orange

5 drops eucalyptus

5 drops cedarwood

2 drops clove bud

Fill a 4 ounce amber glass spray bottle half way up with witch hazel.
Add essential oils.
Top off with filtered water.
If you are just starting with essential oils, and do not have all of these in your collection, don't worry! You can still make this room spray. It is fun to create your own custom blends...

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DIY Christmas Gift Basket | HANDMADE CHRISTMAS | Farmhouse on Boone

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