Disturbing Movie Scenes That Caught Us Off Guard

1 year ago
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From creepy-crawly parasites to sci-fi space mutinies, some movie scenes are so shocking that they stick with you for the rest of the week — or the rest of your life. But if you need help remembering the unforgettable, here's an eyeball-searing, gut-punching roundup of all those disturbing Hollywood moments that audiences never saw coming. And in case it's not obvious, here's your final warning that this video contains spoilers for an awful lot of movies...

Bursting out | 0:26
Mind-control eels | 1:12
Buried alive | 1:55
The final confession | 2:53
Keeping it in the family | 3:56
Body swap | 4:48
Assault and revenge | 5:47
Batting practice | 6:37
What's on the menu? | 7:20
Zara's plunge | 8:14
The Ravager mutiny | 9:14

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Disturbing Movie Scenes That Caught Us Off Guard

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