Curious Facts About Earth You Didn't Learn in School

7 months ago
32 Curious Facts About Earth You Didn't Learn in School
There’s no disputing it, in school you certainly do learn a lot about Earth, but there’s only so much they can teach you. Today we’re going to have a look at some seriously interesting facts about Earth that you certainly didn’t pick up at school!

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25 - Double Trouble…
Did you know that Earth used to have 2 moons? There used to be a tiny moon, only around 750-miles wide. It’s believed this second Moon may have orbited Earth and then slammed into the Moon we are familiar with. The crash may be the reason that the 2 sides of the surviving one are so different from each other.

24 - Follow the yellow brick road…
It’s been confirmed that there is so much gold on Earth that it could cover Earth in 1.5 feet of the shiny, expensive metal!

23 - Going Down…
Isn’t it interesting that we’ve been to the moon and Mars, but we’ve only scratched the surface of our own deep oceans? Our oceans contain 95% of our water, and even more than that in terms of living space, and we have yet to explore more than 10% of their depths. Over 200 000 marine species have been named, yet it is believed up to 30 000 000 remain undiscovered. It seems it is harder to travel through water than space.

22 - Large and in charge…
The largest living thing on earth is not what you’d think. A blue whale springs to mind, or perhaps a massive red-wood tree. There is something much bigger, and it is a fungus.
In Michigan in 1992, what’s now known as the Armillaria mushroom was discovered. It covered over 30 acres then but has grown to an estimated 1 800 acres at the time of this video. Adding to the size of this living organism are roots that penetrate much farther down than any other mushroom species.

21 - An alien landscape…
One of the strangest looking landscapes on earth, would be Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression. Believed to be the hottest place in the world, it is also one of the most inhospitable with deadly gases, lava lakes, colorful acid craters and hot springs, peppered over a vast crackling saltpan. Even in an environment as extreme as this, life exists. The colorful hydrothermal vents have been found to contain ecosystems on a microbial level, which astrobiologists and physicists are studying for clues in the possibility of life beyond earth.

Curious Facts About Earth You Didn't Learn in School

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