CRAZY Things Found in People's Homes

11 months ago
Moving or renovating is generally an exciting time for most, although it can be a little daunting and stressful. We sort of set ourselves up for a few delays, minor problems or surprises and just deal with them accordingly. The homeowners featured on our list today got a little more than they bargained for, some amazing and some truly horrifying, like our first entry.

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7 - Big Brother is watching you
Renting a house is all very well, but it can be quite disturbing to learn that you’ve been the source of entertainment for the leasor. That happened to a couple in Sydney, who were reading about their landlord on a rental forum site, where they learnt that he had a habit of hiding cameras on the property. The couple began searching, and to their dismay, found several hidden cameras all linked up to a shed that only the owner had access to. Inside the shed was a leather recliner, a TV and a footrest, where the owner would watch the couple going about their daily business. Thankfully the guy was arrested and sentenced to 17-months in prison.

6 - Get your game face on
In this home, more than 4,000 game pieces were discovered underneath the floorboards. The family must have been very keen on their board games!

5 - If the shoe fits
In North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, restorations were underway at the Liedberg Palace in Korschenbroich when 300-year-old shoes were discovered in the walls of the palace. There were 8 pairs of woman’s, men’s and children’s shoes found, dating back to around 1708. Most of the shoes had been heavily worn in, but there were some higher-value Baroque models as well. There were also 2 other pairs from the 19th century discovered in the walls. Why the shoes were there is a little unclear, but some scholars believe they were put there for superstitious reasons.

4 - Land of milk and honey
Over in Colorado, Debbie Hill had just moved into her new home. Once she had unpacked and was busy settling in to her new home, she noticed that brown goo was dripping down her walls. It was brown, sticky and looked a lot like blood. Most peculiarly, the walls were oozing the most delicious honey that Debbie had ever tasted! Seems Debbie had moved into the bee’s house, because inside her walls were between 50 and 60,000 bees! The honey they made would melt in the summer heat, and start dripping through her walls. We’re not sure if she managed to get rid of all the bees, but at this stage – we’re pretty sure she’s bee free!

3 - Cat’s in the cradle
As if witch bottles and baby bones wasn’t enough, back in medieval times many people would seal a live cat in the walls of their home due to its association with witches. I can’t even imagine how traumatic that have been for the animal. A cat’s skeleton was discovered in 2011, in the walls of a home in Pendle Hill, Lancashire, an area notorious for its witchcraft related activities.

2 - Poison
And I’m not talking about the Alice Cooper song, but rather 400 barrels of toxic waste that was found hidden behind the walls of a property owned by an Ontario man in 2017. The man had already found 400 barrels of waste, and after knocking down a wall, discovered a further 400! The contents were dangerous cancer-causing materials, and were left behind by John Currie, the previous owner. He was known for disposing of waster improperly, and hopefully slapped with a heavy fine after he was caught doing this!

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CRAZY Things Found in People's Homes

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