CRAZIEST Things That 3D Printers Can Make

7 months ago
A few years ago, you couldn’t just make your own custom mug or figurine by just having some machine do it for you at your will but 3D printing has changed the game in the sorts of lengths human ingenuity can go. Let’s look at some of the craziest things, odd, practical, or otherwise, that people have made via 3D printers.

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8. Crazy Art Pieces
We’ve talked about the more practical things you can use 3D printers to manufacture, but what about art? Art like sculptures take a meticulous amount of an artists’ time. Take a look at the oni and Hannya masks made by artist Kniel Nangit. He doesn’t just stop there, either. Looking at his projects, he’s also made masks in the likeness of other cultural figures and even one of Yoda. The world of art has changed with the introduction of the 3D printer, making it easier for artists to create more elaborate sculptures.

7. Wear Your Printed Work
It makes sense that you can make jewelry with a 3D printer, but actual clothes? That sounds uncomfortable. Yet it has become more and more common as people get more familiar with 3D printing. One of the most popular instances of this type of clothing was in the case of Dita Von Teese, who wore a vintage inspired dress made by New York designer Michael Schmidt and the architect Francis Bitonti. Von teese wore the dress to an event at Ace Hotel in New York back in 2013. What’s more is that it was also embellished with 12,000 Swarovski crystals.

6. Prosthetics For Animals
Like humans, animals need medical assistance, too, even on the subject of prosthetics. Because of 3D printing technology, this bald eagle was able to get a replacement for the front portion of her beak. The injury came after encountering a hunter in the woods who shot at her, destroying part of her face. She was sent to a rehabilitation center where they were able to fashion a prosthetic that looks close to the real thing. This goes for replacements for limbs, flippers, and mouths.

5. An Unborn Baby
Wait so--you not only can get those little ultrasound pictures of what your unborn child looks like but you can also get a tangible shape of what their still-developing form looks like. Brazilian orthotics company Tecnologia Humana 3D were able to create small plastic replicas of what fetuses in utero looked like. The model would come life size of what your child is in that moment in time. This so called 4D ultrasound costs anywhere from $600 to $2,000. Where would you put a tiny thing like this? The Fasotec company supposedly sell them as oto put on display for your office or home. It’s not too different from framing a sonogram...we think.

4. Human Stem Cells
In 2015, scientists claimed they discovered a way to 3D print embryonic stem cells. That might sound like something overly complicated for us non-scientists so we’ll explain it like this: these sorts of stem cells can potentially be used to regenerate human tissue, growing micro-organs, and more. By 2017, it was announced that scientists found a way to print something similar to human brain tissue. IT goes to show that 3D printing isn’t just for making cool objects or even just useful external devices either, but can also help on a cellular level.

3. A 3D Printer
Funny, right? It’s true, though. It would kind of be ironic if you couldn’t make a 3D printer by 3D printing it. Using a RepRap can get you to that point in your life where you start printing 3D printers. This device costs anywhere from $500 to $600 when bought online. The RepRap 3D printer can program itself to self-replicate, a self-cloning program, if you will. It does kind of sound like the machines will be able to reproduce on their own and that humans will one day be obsolete...hmm….For now, let’s just think it’s cool you can literally print a printer.

2. A Whole House
It seems every aspect of human civilization can now be covered with this new creative technology. As of last year, the construction of the first #D printed house in Europe went underway. Located in Copenhagen is the BOD, the project aimed to prove you can 3D print a house that’s fully functioning and meets the requirements of a safe house under the regulations of the European Union. Technically, it’s not a house but a office hotel. It reaches an area of 50 square meters, so it may be a meek size, yet how many people can say they printed a house?


CRAZIEST Things That 3D Printers Can Make

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