COOLEST Things About In n Out

By : Talltanic - 6 months ago
One of the most popular fast food chains doesn’t even have that many restaurants in the United States. But In N Out has proved their unique way of doing things only adds to their appeal to customers. Here’s some of the most things about In N Out you didn’t know.

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8. No Frozen Food Allowed
We’ve already talked about how people favor eating at In N Out for the simple menu and how the company works to keep the quality of the food at a high standard. Remember how we mentioned what the deal was with the two distribution centers and why a restaurant had to only be a day away? Well that’s because none of their food comes prepackaged or frozen. At the two facilities available, all the patties get made there and there only. The food doesn’t travel more than 500 miles from each center so that the food doesn’t have to be frozen.

7. The Real Reason For The Palm Trees
Some speculated that the palm trees present outside In N Out establishments held some biblical importance. But the real reason doesn’t have ties to religion, despite the bible verse references they include on their containers. Actually, one of the founders, Harry Snyder was a huge fan of the film It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World wherein palm trees in the shape of a W marked the spot of a hidden treasure. The crossed palm trees in front of In N Out and on their cups make an X to mark each restaurant as a treasure.

6. The Rise Of Protein Style
The health kick pop culture likes to cycle through every other decade has been brought back in the new age of fitness and instagramming that fitness. As a result, protein style has become more popular in the past couple years, though some might hiss at the sight of a bunless hamburger. But protein style burgers aren’t such a new item on In N Out’s secret menu. Harry Snyder decided to leave out the buns in his hamburgers as a way to diet. Many thought it was a company decision to. Harry Snyder decided to leave out the buns in his burgers during the 70s since he needed to diet. But it wasn’t a very well known secret item menu until lately, so back during the early 2000s, people thought they added protein style to the menu because of the popular Atkins diet.

5. Well Done Or Medium Rare
You probably could have guessed that you can order your patty well done or even medium rare. You can also order your fries to be light or well done, too. Fries can come fries light, which means they sit in the fryer for a smaller amount of time. They can also be served well done, making for much crunchier fries. A third option known as fries light well lets you enjoy your fries in some sort of starchy middle between the two. And if you have a low sodium diet, you can also ask for fries without salt.

4. In N Out Merch
When people visit an In N Out, you’ve probably seen the t shirts put in a display window or even a part of the restaurant you can buy merch. If you haven’t seen these, you can still purchase hats, shirts, hoodies and the like online. One of the most ridiculous clothing items you on sale that features that In N Out insignia however, are uggs (or at least, ugg fashioned boots). Society has shown that it mixed feelings about uggs, but if you’re pro-ugg and pro-In N Out, you can buy a pair for about $25.

3. Now Serving Hot Cocoa
Looks like In N Out decided something new will be served for this new generation: hot cocoa. It counts as the first new item in 15 years for the company and arrives right in the middle of the winter season. They sell it at $1.60 per cup and the internet nearly flipped the proverbial table at the news. According to Lynsi Snyder, she said that her grandparents used to sell hot chocolate in their original menu and she’s not sure how it ever fell off the menu. In that case, it means this technically isn’t a new menu item, but whatever.

2. Lynsi Snyder’s Fortune
Although In N Out may not be a wholly international establishment, but owner and heiress Lynsi Snyder may just be one of the youngest billionaires in America. She has a net worth of $1.3 billion and just turned 35 this past year--meaning she got the last half of the company’s trust left by her grandmother. After her grandmother, Lynsi Snyder became the sole owner of In N Out. She very rarely shares details of her personal life.


COOLEST Things About In n Out