COOLEST Sci Fi Modes of Transportation

11 months ago
Okay, so there are tons of ideal and unusual modes of transportation out there in the sci-fi world, and we wish that we could utilize, well, all of them. From super cool cars to incredible spacecraft and beyond, we decided to delve in and see just which vehicles in the science fiction world were the cream of the crop. Here we have a list of what we believe to be the 9 Coolest Sci-Fi Modes of Transportation.

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3. The Nebuchadnezzar
Oh, The Matrix. If you remember watching this trilogy and getting excited over this flying, dodging, EMP-loaded vehicle, you’re not alone. We first see the ship not long after Neo awakens from the Matrix and is born into our world, only to be taken aboard the craft and nursed to full health. Not only is the ship fully-equipped to be able to send people back and forth between the simulation and our world, but it’s also pretty good at the old dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge (Dodgeball, anyone?). We fondly reminisce about the close calls and near destruction of this ship—like the time that Morpheus, Tank, and Trinity wait, wait, and wait some more for Neo to return from the Matrix to unleash a powerful EMP burst to stop an onslaught from pesky Sentinels. He ends up making it just in time before the weapon is discharged, thus preventing him from being trapped in the simulation. The ship was heavily damaged, though, but it proves its worth by making a recovery and reappearing in The Matrix: Reloaded. Although destroyed in the second of the three films, it was pretty darn cool and was a vehicle that we wish that we could have taken a ride in, if not to avoid Sentinels at high speeds, to cruise along with Morpheus and his ragtag crew of rebels.

2. Hoverboards
Alright, alright, we know that we already mentioned the Back to the Future trilogy once on this list, but there are simply too many neat modes of transportation dreamed up in these classics. The hoverboard, Michael J. Fox’s saving grace in multiple scenes spanning two different movies, had to make our list. It’s a Hover converted board that works basically like a skateboard without trucks or wheels. In 2015—in the movies that is—lots of different companies designed and released hoverboards of all different styles for different age ranges and skating (hovering?) styles. Mattel created the famed board that Marty McFly uses to escape Griff and his gang and send them to prison, helping to supply Griff’s famous last words, “I was framed!” Although the board that Marty used was pretty basic and designed with children in mind, it got the job done. It even helped him succeed in making it back to 1985 via DeLorean in the cars steam-engine assisted push into the future. Variations on the boards include the No Tech series, the Question Mark, Rising Sun, and Griff Tannen’s rocket-propelled Pit Bull. Many companies have tried to achieve the technology in the real world, and although there have been some pretty successful attempts at recreating one of the films’ most recognized futuristic technologies, they’re still a far cry from being as incredible as the boards from the movies. Every kid who’s seen Marty flying around on his hoverboard has dreamed of the day they’d be able to ride their own, but for now, it seems that it may remain just that for years to come, a dream.

1. Terrariums of 2312
Alright, we’re assuming that not many of you have heard of these fantastic space habitats, transportation vessels, and farming worlds, but let us tell you a little bit about them. Kim Stanley Robinson wrote a book called 2312 in 2012 that utilize asteroids to efficiently house humans, grow crops for Earth, and transport people to the outer planets exceptionally quickly. The asteroids are hollowed out using self-replicating machine excavators and ecosystems are housed inside. The ecosystems can thrive due to artificial gravity from centripetal force, protection from radiation by the asteroids solid walls, and a sunline that provides artificial light. There is one entry hole in the asteroid that allows access to the terraria ecosystems. They travel about the solar system as asteroids usually do: non-stop, and on their regular trajectories. Anyone that wishes to enter one of the Terrariums needs to match the speed of the asteroid as it doesn’t slow down or stop for anyone. Entire little worlds can be sustained inside these fantastic Terrariums, and they make us wonder about the real possibility of using this idea in the future. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could just use naturally-occurring objects in our solar system to house the ever-growing population of Earth? We’d sign up to live on one to get away from all of the problems that our world is facing, and we’d be willing to make a bet that a lot of you would too.

COOLEST Sci Fi Modes of Transportation

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