Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be TRUE

8 months ago
Very often we hear a story that sounds so unbelievable that we put it down as nonsense or someone who’s looking for attention. Many conspiracy theories are too far-fetched to even comprehend, like the moon landing being a hoax or Santa Claus not being real… but the ones on our list all turned out to be scarily legit!

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8 - Eye Spy with my little Eye…
Did you know that the FBI was genuinely spying on John Lennon? It wasn’t some made up story to make them look bad, they honestly believed Lennon was a threat. I mean, who wouldn’t at that time? Singing about Anti-fighting and giving Peace a chance, I mean that’s scary stuff right there! They even tried to have him deported!

7 - It’s story time…
It was the 10th of October, 1990, and a 15-year-old girl known as Nayirah gave the most heart-breaking testimony of something that she had witnessed. She recounted the event where she witnessed Iraqi soldiers removing babies from incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital and leaving them on the floor to freeze. She told this story so convincingly that everyone believed her. in fact, it was like she had convinced herself that the story was real, except those events did not happen. The story as told by Nayirah was said to be what made the US rationalize their decision to support Kuwait in the Gulf struggle… turns out, Nayirah was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States.

6 - Nothing to be afraid of….
This is like the cigarette story all over again, except in the form of asbestos. This silicate mineral has been used for several hundreds of years for many different projects. Come the 20th century, many people in the know, like doctors, health organizations and even insurance companies come forward to confirm that asbestos is seriously dangerous and causes fatal lung disease. You’d think the logical thing to do would be to pull it from the shelves and never sell it again, but that wasn’t the case. They paid a fortune to cover up the truth and hoped it would go away. They also scared people in to believing that should they disclose the truth; their reputations would be ruined. The 1990’s was the first time that any major movement took place, with lawsuits dating back to the 1920’s coming to light again. Many companies involved filed for bankruptcy and asbestos is banned in Europe and in America they do still make it, but with high amounts of safety restrictions in place.

5 - In the name of science…
That’s what they would have you believe, but the Tuskegee Experiment was anything but! This awful conspiracy lasted decades, where black men in rural Alabama were withheld life-saving treatment for their syphilis. They were informed that they were part of a medical experiment and many believed they were being treated for stomach problems or rheumatism. The men were never informed they had syphilis nor were they ever given the penicillin which would have helped in the proper treatment of syphilis. They were actually being watched to see what happened to their bodies if the syphilis went untreated. When this all became public, a $10 million settlement was reached for the victims, lifetime medical care and burials at no cost.

4 - Don’t believe everything you hear…
In this case, however, do! It was the mid 90’s, and several conglomerates including industrial giant Archer Daniels Midland, conspired to fix the prices of an animal feed additive called lysine. A whistle-blower helped shed light on the situation, and the FBI stepped in and prosecuted the companies as an international cartel. Archer Daniels Midland were fined $100 million, and the whole event made it to the big-screen in the 2011 film, The Informant.

3 - Project Sunshine…
They really know how to name these projects, don’t they? It was the 1950’s, and there were rumors circulating that the government was using DNA to try and create a super human. Sounds pretty awesome, and if only this was the case! What was actually happening was a lot worse! Tissue samples were being taken from the recently deceased and used to test Sr-90, which was the most serious threat to humans should there be a nuclear fallout.

2 - Hidden truths…
This is a story that could take up an entire YouTube video, and even now, facts are sketchy. The story emerged in 1996 when award-winning journalist Gary Webb published some uncomfortable findings. He wrote about a connection between the CIA and their involvement in giving supplies to street gangs. He said that the CIA were benefiting financially from this little arrangement. The CIA did eventually come forward stating they were aware that Contra was involved in something, however, they did this at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, so it kind of fell by the way side. Gary Webb was found in 2004 with 2 bullet holes in his head, with the conclusion that he did it himself. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?


Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be TRUE

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