Bloodraven: what’s the three-eyed raven’s secret plan?

2 years ago
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Who is the three-eyed raven, aka Brynden Rivers aka Bloodraven aka the three-eyed crow? Why did he fight his half-brothers in the Blackfyre rebellions? What are his connections to the old gods and Azor Ahai? What are his plans for Bran Stark and Jon Snow? Is he involved with Daenerys and Quaithe? Did he inspire the Euron Greyjoy’s eldritch apocalypse?

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Great Bastard art by Amok:
Bloodraven art by Bella Bergolts:
Euron art by Ertaç Altınöz:
Jon dream art by Guillem H. Pongiluppi:
Bloodraven art by Karen Petrasko:
Bloodraven art by Marc Simonetti:
Bloodraven art by Mike Hallstein:
Bran dream art by SharksDen:
Golden Company art by Urukki Saki:
Ghost of High Heart art by YvyB13:
Euron art by zippo514:

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Bloodraven: what’s the three-eyed raven’s secret plan?

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