Bizarre Animal Foods

1 year ago
From unmentionable parts turned into meals to a cheese that’s popular despite its close relationship with maggots; here’s some of the craziest creature foods from around the world.

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More Maggots Please
The more maggot filled this cheese is the more delicious it will taste just so long as those maggots are alive. Now this may sound counterintuitive but it's the case according to those pallets that regularly taste casu marzu, a traditional Sardinian cheese. Made from pecorino (pek-uh-ree-noh), the cheese is fermented to the point of decomposition. Larvae is then deliberately introduced to the cheese that breaks down it's fat and makes it extremely soft. This larvae is visibly present in the form of small white worms. If you think it's gross to eat worms, so do a lot of other people. The larvae can be removed by placing the cheese in a paper bag. The oxygen deprived maggots jump in the bag, kinda like popcorn. When they’re done popping they’re dead and the maggot free cheese can be eaten. Of course there’s plenty of people that don’t do this and prefer the maggot infested cheese instead.

If you were looking at the thumbnail wondering if that was an animals head on that plate, well we’re here to tell you it is, see. A traditional dish in Iceland, Svio (svee-OH) is a sheep's head cut in half with the fur and brain removed. After that it's boiled and that seems to be it. It’s plopped on a plate with some side dishes, as it is here with mashed turnips and potatoes. So how would you feel about staring down at your plate and seeing a completely discernable head, with eyes and all staring right back at you. As is the case with rats and those tarantulas in Cambodia the dish was born as a function of necessity. Native Icelanders surviving in their harsh climate couldn’t waste any part of a slaughtered animal. The dish we showed you is from a bus terminal cafeteria in Reykjavik (rey-kyuh-veek) the country’s capital and largest city. It can be bought in their drive thru and according to it's chef, they sell around ten thousand Svio every year. Iceland is a fascinating place that seems well worth a visit, if you’re the adventurous type and especially if you love trying weird food. Here’s another odd Iceland delicacy,

Hakarl (howkarl)
Here’s a pretty disgusting life goal, speaking of traveling to Iceland. Eat a cube of Hakarl on a toothpick and then take a shot of brennivin, a local spirit. It’s Greenland shark and it contains A LOT of ammonia, so much so that first timers are told to pinch their noses when taking their first bite. Greenland shark meat is highly toxic meaning that it must be fermented. This process involves hanging the Hakarl to dry for months. Most palettes can’t stomach the meat. Anthony Bourdain, for instance, called it the single worst most disgusting and terrible tasting thing he’s ever eaten.

You should know about the pufferfish by now. It's a creature that creates what have come to be known as underwater crop circles. It's for this and one other reason that they’ve made it on a few Epic Wildlife videos in the past. They’re meat has the reputation of being both incredibly delicious and potentially lethal. Known as fugu the food is considered a delicacy and is very expensive. Only trained, licensed chefs are allowed to prepare the meal. Despite this deaths occur annually from ill-prepared fugu. Pufferfish contain a substance called tetrodotoxin (tetro-duh tok sin), which is as much as 1,200 times more poisonous to us than cyanide.
Enough of this toxin courses though an average pufferfish to kill 30 fully grown adult human beings. And to top it all off there is currently no known antidote.
Well here we all are again, near the end of another Epic video. Before we share our last weird animal food with everyone we’d like to say thank you to you the viewer for watching. We couldn’t make these videos without your support, so please if you liked the video click that thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to receive our latest videos.

Scientific evidence shows that octopuses experience pain. It's for this reason that eating them while alive has become controversial. A common octopus dish is San-nakji, which is raw octopus cut into small pieces. Often, and sometimes preferably, depending of course on the diner, the arms are served still squirming posthumously (pos-chuh-muh slee). As if the thought of eating octopus wasn’t exciting enough, now it could go through your body squirming and wriggling. That’s one reason to always chew your food thoroughly.

Bizarre Animal Foods

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