BIGGEST Moments in Fishing History

1 year ago
You won't believe the biggest fish catches from random fishermen ! From the perfect storm; to giant swordfish !

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The Perfect Storm

Deep Blue Sea

Greenland sharks are fascinating creatures. They inhabit the deep sea and live for hundreds of years. They are also massive, with reports of the beasts weighing up to three thousand pounds. With some concern about their population long term they are protected from commercial hunts and can only be sought out recreationally with rod and reel. Joel Abrahamsson was well aware of all of this when he went fishing on his kayak in September of 2014. He also knew that the record for heaviest kayak caught fish was only 500 pounds, which is why he had brought along a support team in the form of a boat of marine scientists and a camera crew. He planned on shattering that kayak catch record and wanted to make sure it was documented properly. Using 8 pound coalfish bait and really long line, along with a good amount of patience he finally made a catch after several hours. The struggle was great and almost caused the man to be thrown overboard. Finally though he pulled the shark up to the surface and passed it to the awaiting science crew. After measuring it's length, which was 202 centimeters they determined that Abrahamsson’s catch weighed a staggering 1247 pounds, nearly tripling the old record. They also surmised that the shark was over two hundred years old. The process was totally legal because they released the shark without harming it or bringing it out of the water in a short amount of time.


Lou Marron was able to reel in a massive, 1,182 pound swordfish off the coast of Chile’s Iquique (ee-KEE-keh) in 1953. It holds the record for the largest swordfish ever caught. He would travel the world in search of big fish with his wife Eugenie (ee-JEH-nee). Eugenie holds the record for the largest swordfish ever caught by a woman when she was able to reel in a 722 pound swordfish in 1954.

Fishing has become so big that ESPN actually puts it on their network. It just shows you how popular it's become, or that people will watch anything on TV your choice. Anyways we just wanted to take this time before our last entry to thank everyone for watching the video. You know we couldn’t make stuff like this without all of you out there and your support. If you liked it let us know, and if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe on your way out. Now...

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

How big do you think salmon can get? Typically their pretty small fish so what fifty maybe sixty pounds? (That a good guess?) An angler by dawn and an auto salesman the rest of the time, Les Anderson, using rod and reel, pulled a 97 pound 4 ounce king salmon out of the water on May 17, 1985, a world record catch that still stands to this day. He struggled for an hour before finally muscling the fish into his boat. Anderson made the record setting catch in a place famous for being part of the Alaska salmon stream, the Kenai (KEE-nie) River. Anderson became a living legend until his passing in 2003.

BIGGEST Moments in Fishing History

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