Biggest Islands Run By Animals

1 year ago
From an island inundated with feral horses to one that can’t be stepped on safely because it's nearly completely covered in dangerous, venomous snakes, here’s 13 islands that are run by animals.

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Gough (gof) Island

As cool as this island is to learn about you’d probably never want to visit it's borders. It's a volcanic island that lies in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. As you can see on a map it's surrounded by nothing but blue. Remote and desolate, it’s a very somber, lonely place, though you wouldn’t necessarily be alone here. The South African National Antarctic Program built a weather station on the island in the 1950’s. Ever since a crew, usually numbering six people are required to run the station. This makes Gough Island one of the most remote places on the planet that is host to a constant human presence. The islands dominating species are birds, thousands of them who flock here to breed. They are threatened by invasive house mice, whose propensity to feed on seabird chicks in recent years has put both the Tristan Albatross and the Atlantic Petrel in danger of going extinct in the area. A program to eradicate the mice is set to start in 2019. If that program goes according to plan Gough Island will be mouse free by 2021.

North Brother Island

You may have seen this island in New York mentioned on videos about abandoned islands. It’s become famous thanks to it's old quarantine hospital, which can still be seen in a ruined state to this day. North Brother Island has been abandoned for years and it's main purpose today lands it on this video you’re watching now. Birds use the land as a giant nesting colony and it's officially off limits to the public. Did you know that North Brother Islands hospital once held Mary Mallon the woman who history dubiously remembers as being the country’s first carrier of typhoid fever? Mallon would die in the hospital in 1938 after being detained there for years. She believed that she had been unfairly held, despite clearly carrying the disease, the entire time.


An hour from Hiroshima, Miyajima Island is most visually notable for it's torii gate which appears to be floating at high tide. There’s a general agreement that the site is one of the most beautiful and stunning in the country. A happy community of humans and wild deer live on the island, sharing much of the land seamlessly. The deer have become accustomed to humans on Miyajima. They move around the same sites as tourists, and are even comfortable enough to sleep along human walking paths. With beautiful cherry blossoms, intricate shrines, the aforementioned friendly deer and ryokan, or Japanese style inns to spend the night Miyajima is perhaps one of the top spots to take a date in the world, but that’s just our opinion.


On a map the island of Runde is just another land mass off the coast of Norway, one of many and, if it weren’t highlighted here in red, would be completely ignored by almost anyone looking. Appearances however can be deceiving. The island is home to around 100 people, bless their souls, but is more famous for it's ridiculous number of birds as well as several notable shipwrecks. Some half a million seabirds famously inhabit Runde, the majority of which are Atlantic puffins. The seas around Runde are likely littered with treasure. In 1725 the Akerendam, a Dutch vessel was caught in a storm and went down on the north side of the island. It's 200 crew members and cargo, which included tons of gold and silver coins were lost at sea. The wreck was discovered nearly 350 years later in 1972 by scuba divers. Over one thousand pounds of gold and silver would ultimately be salvaged in the form of some 57 thousand coins. The find likely made those scuba divers, who were allowed to keep two thirds of it, very wealthy.

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Christmas Island Crabs

Though this may sound like some sort of exotic, rare disease, it's actually a species of land crab that lives on Christmas Island, which sits in the Indian Ocean. For most of the year the crustaceans inhabit the island’s forests and remain out of sight. But at the beginning of the wet season in October or November the crabs migrate to the coast to breed. Millions of crabs moving at the same time turns the island bright red, a stunning site provided by the wonders of mother nature.

Biggest Islands Run By Animals

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