Best Waterparks In The World

8 months ago
It’s summertime and that means you need to get your swimming and splashing in before it gets cold again. Here’s some of the wildest water parks in the world you can visit!

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15. Pumped For Pump House
The Jay Peak Resort has a place called the Pump House Indoor Waterpark and its’ ranked as one of the best water parks in America. Inside this aqua fun house is a surfing simulator called the Double Barrel Flowrider as well as a slide called La Chute, which measures to about 65 feet tall. It’s not all hyper adrenaline attractions, though. If you’re feeling more sophisticated and want to relax, you can go sit in one of their hot tubs and enjoy a drink.

14. Getting Biblical
Travel back thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago to Biblical times, to the Great Flood, and Noah’s Ark. Another famous water park you’ll find in Wisconsin is the Noah’s Ark Waterpark, which spans to about 70 acres of land. The park is home to one of the scariest water slides in the world: The Scorpion’s Tail, which sends you down about 400 feet in about 5 to up to 8 seconds.

Best Waterparks In The World

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