Astroforensics: The Search for Alien Technology

9 months ago
If you were investigating a crime would you search for clues in...
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

...only one place?When the concept of alien technology is brought up, your first thought might be something fantastical like ray guns, spaceships, abandoned monoliths or heavily soiled probes. If extraterrestrials have visited the Earth, it is almost certain they did so many billions of years ago, despite what Giorgio A. Tsoukalos would have you believe. Professor Davies considers it unlikely that any alien artifacts could have survived here on Earth if they had been left behind over a hundred million years ago. Alien artifacts may not have been able to survive here on Earth, but some scientists believe that probes, beacons and outposts may have persisted elsewhere in the solar system.

Astroforensics: The Search for Alien Technology

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