Aquaman's Superpowers Explained

12 months ago
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With his own movie coming up and a new trailer that made a huge impact at San Diego Comic Con, the world is abuzz about Aquaman in a way they have never been before. For a long time he was thought of as one of the more cute-but-not-so-intimidating members of the Justice League, just a guy who can talk to fish and not much else. But since being taken on by the powerful Jason Momoa, given a badass new look, and with a little bit of digging into his comic history, we can see that Aquaman is actually no silly character. From his abilities to see, smell, breathe, and talk underwater, which are things that most of us would love to possess, and his super speed, strength, and agility, he rivals Superman in physical power. His body can resist extreme heat and explosions, extreme cold and thousands of tons of underwater pressure, along with sonar, which allows him to hear the heartbeat of a human from great distances and through layers and layers of steel. On top of all of this, he can harness the great power of the ocean in order to cause catastrophic storms, divert weather away from land, and with his newly updated armour and his trademark Quindent that he can throw with extreme accuracy and speed, he is no one to be trifled with. Finally, is he is given the powers he possessed in the comic books, Aquaman could heal with a touch of his magic hand, open portals to other dimensions and teleport through space and time, and actually lend his consciousness to the water itself, becoming a living, sentient body of water.



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Aquaman's Superpowers Explained

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