Answers To 10 Baffling Questions You’ve Always Asked

By : BE AMAZED - 3 months ago
There are plenty of questions we need answers to: What’s the meaning of life? Are we alone in the universe? Here are the answers to some of life’s other burning questions.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Answers to Questions You’ve Always Asked! Why Do Comics Use ZZZ to represent sleep? We don’t say we’re “catching some As” when we’re awake. So, why on Earth do we refer to sleeping as “catching some Z’s”? You have Sunday comics to thank for that. Can You Outwit A Lie Detector? Contrary to what Law & Order and Maury would have you believe, lie detectors, also known as polygraphs, are far from infallible. Why Is Venous Blood Blue? It’s not. Blood is always red, regardless of where it is in the body. Why Do Our Eyes Turn Red in Photographs? We’ve all had a perfect picture ruined by the red-eye effect. Suddenly, we look a lot less like two awkward kids going to prom and a lot more like two fashion-challenged vampires.

Why Can We Sometimes See the Moon During the Day? So, we all know that the moon orbits earth in about a month, while earth spins on its axis in a day. Why Don’t Birds Fall off Branches When They Sleep? Most people can’t sleep standing up. And, an even smaller number could doze off balanced on a dry-rotted branch. Why Don’t Animals Turn White When They Get Older? There are plenty physical signs that you’re getting older. Your wrinkles deepen. Your hair turns grey. You start telling kids to get off your lawn. But, when it comes to animals, it’s not so easy. What Happens When an Astronaut Farts in Their Spacesuit? Dutch ovens are bad enough. All that stench lays trapped beneath a thick layer of down, cotton, and your partner’s immature snickering. What Happens When You Flush the Toilet on an Airplane? Before airline toilets were a thing, people used to do their business in a bucket near the rear of the plane. Why Do Healthy Foods Taste Bad? Be honest. If you had to choose between a freshly-baked brownie or a salad, you’d go for the former--even though you know it’s bad for you.
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