Animals You DON'T Want To Work With!

9 months ago
From working with killer cows … to working with killer whales … Here are 12 of the most dangerous jobs involving animals.

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#8 Snake Charmer
This profession can trace some of its roots back to Ancient Egypt, but the practice as we recognize it today likely started in India. It’s still common there, and can also be found in several Asian nations including Pakistan and Malaysia … as well as North Africa, in Egypt and Morocco. Typically, the snake (usually a type of cobra) appears to be hypnotized by the snake charmer, who waves around and plays an instrument called a ‘pungi (PUN-jie)’. Handling of the snake, along with other apparently dangerous acts are also included in the street performance. Since the snakes typically used in the performance are highly venomous, this can present a definite job hazard (to say the least). To help protect themselves from receiving a fatal bite, charmers will sometimes have the snake’s fangs surgically removed … sometimes herbs are used to paralyze the snake’s jaw muscles and inflame the venom glands … and in some cases, the snake’s mouth is sewn shut. Even with those precautions, would you want the job?

#7 Bear Man
Wildlife rescue refers to wildlife rehabilitation, or the treatment and caring for wild animals that are sick, orphaned, or injured … with the goal of releasing them back to their habitat. In the case of Jim Kowalczik (ka-wahl-zik), he rescued an orphaned Kodiak bear cub more than 20 years ago … and it’s stayed with him ever since. Now some 1500 pounds, the beast is named Jimbo, and seems a lot more playful than the average bear. So much so, that the animal will pluck a marshmallow from Kowalczik’s mouth, and leave the man’s face intact. The only damage done is a huge, slobbering kiss from the bear. Videos of Jim cavorting with Jimbo have helped increase donations for the wildlife center they operate 60 miles northwest of New York City. But experts advise against getting quite so up close and personal with bears. That’s because a wild animal’s instincts might take over … not to mention, getting crushed by a creature that weighs three-quarters of a ton. But the Animal Rescuer has no fear of his friends … in fact, they have more than 10 bear on the premises, and Kowalczik maintains his hands-on approach with all of them. Hopefully, the bears won’t bite the hands that feed them.

#6 Wildlife Photographer
It sounds like an awesome gig for someone who wants to combine their photographic skills with a love of animals and wildlife. These photographers can travel about the globe, seeking out exotic creatures … and are known to patiently wait for days on end to get that perfect shot or angle. And while it must be a thrill to see your name credited in publications like National Geographic, the profession is not without its share of risk. The natural habitat for wildlife can take you to some pretty remote and desolate areas … maybe in a jungle, or a primitive region where medical care is nowhere nearby. And you aren’t dealing with domesticated critters out there. Diseases like malaria can be present in some environments … and animals in the wild can be unpredictable to say the least. Did you know that in 2016, a photographer in Kenya was trampled to death while trying to get a picture of an elephant that was drinking at a watering hole?

#5 Snake Whisperer (Vava Suresh)
So we’re going to follow up on that segment about snake charmers … because here’s a guy that just might be a real-life snake whisperer. Vava Suresh is an Indian wildlife conservationist … but he might be better known for being an expert (and fearless) snake handler. In his career, he has captured and rescued an estimated 50,000 straying snakes. And he’s paid a price for his dedication … Suresh has been bitten more than 3000 times by all types of snakes … and bitten 300 times by venomous serpents. Because he doesn’t use any safety equipment, Suresh has made 6 trips to the Intensive Care Unit, and has been put on ventilator three times. He has received numerous awards for his work, and his efforts to educate people about snakes are widely acknowledged.

Animals You DON'T Want To Work With!

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