American Living In North Korea: The Dark Truth About James Dresnok

6 months ago
The Dark Truth About American Soldier James Dresnok Defecting To North Korea in 1962.
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North Korea is a strange country. Choosing to isolate themselves from the world and practicing their own type of communism, there is really no other place in the world like it. If you add in the fact that the North Korean people are brainwashed to believe propaganda that is simply untrue, then it almost sounds as if we're talking about a fictional country. Access to this regime is extremely restricted, and tourists must be accompanied by a special tour guide at all times. So, why would American soldier James Dresnok choose to defect to this bizarro place? According to his interviews, he had nothing left to live for in America. He also felt mistreated by the military and was facing a court martial on the day that he defected. While assimilating to a different culture and ideology was difficult at first, James happily lived as a North Korean for over fifty years. We say that he was happy, but like everything else in North Korea, there's always a darker truth hiding beneath the surface.

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American Living In North Korea: The Dark Truth About James Dresnok

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