Amazing Magic Tricks REVEALED!

7 months ago reveals that magic was first used by Persian priests, and they would call it magosh and the Greeks called it magoi. Many believed that magic was closely linked to the occult, but as we know today, it’s all an illusion. Magic became more accepted in the 18th century, and today we’ve been exposed to some of the most incredible illusions that leave your jaw hanging on the floor!

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12 - Who’s fooling who?
Have you ever seen the floating woman trick before? There are a few ways of getting this one right, but the basis of the trick involves a woman lying on a table, and the magician manages to make the woman float. He then takes a hula hoop and passes it over her to prove that there are no strings attached. The woman on the table usually wears a long flowing dress that covers the mechanical device enabling the table to go up and down. The device is also usually attached to the magician, making it possible for the hula hoop to pass over the woman without any snags.

11 - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic …
There’s quite a clever trick which sees magicians or illusionist’s – as many like to be called – move their hand through mirror or glass. Firstly, it has a lot to do with angles, because a moving mirror is quite hard to notice when placed at a certain angle. When the show starts, there’s a mechanism that moves the real mirror to the back and brings forward two fake mirror panels. Now space has been made to accommodate a hand going through. When the trick is over, the real mirror is shifted to the front again, making it seem like the impossible has been achieved.

10 - A little black magic…
Or just a simple trick of the eyes. The disappearing cup involves a glass of water being placed on a table, then being covered with a handkerchief. The illusionist takes the glass of water and handkerchief and throws it in the air. Because the handkerchief has a wire ring stitched into it, it appears that the glass has been thrown into the air, meanwhile it’s disappeared into a secret pouch via a secret hole in the table.

9 - Defying Gravity…
He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. Michael Jackson used to do this amazing trick on stage that made it look like he was able to defy gravity. The only thing he defied was our imagination, because he was able to do those insane leans thanks to custom-made shoes that used to hook on a nail on stage. When he was hooked in, he could lean very far forward making it look like gravity meant nothing to him.

8 - The magic touch…
Walking on water, as we are well aware, is physically impossible. Anyone performing this trick is most certainly pulling the wool over your eyes. You’ll note that when the trick is performed, it’s usually on top of muddy waters or man-made bodies of water, like a swimming pool. Before the magician pulls off this stunt, a clear plastic platform has been placed into the water, making walking across it a breeze!

7 - Abracadabra…
The story about the rabbit and the hat was said to have been started by a British magician who wanted to capitalize on a story that had taken place about a woman who supposedly gave birth to rabbits. How that came about though, I’m not sure. To pull off this well-known trick, it would take more than a magician’s regular top hat to execute. The trick is achieved by installing a cloth sac at the edge of the table, so when the magician proves to the audience his hat is empty, he simply places it on the table near the edge and sneakily pulls the rabbit from the sac. The trick does of course require lots of practice for smooth execution, but it can be achieved quite easily.

Amazing Magic Tricks REVEALED!

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