AMAZING Castles in the US!

1 year ago
If you think about amazing castles, your mind may automatically jump to Europe and you’d be right! Luckily though, Europe is not the only place that has these amazing pieces of history, and even in the much younger United States, we have our fair share of castles that are well worth the visit. So, let’s plan our next road trip!!
From Italian inspired architecture to massive estates, stay tuned to number one to find out WHICH castle was moved all the way from across the pond!

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Number 10: Castello Di Amorosa.
If you want the feel of an Italian wine farm in the beauty of the California landscape, then Castello Di Amorosa is just the place for you. Italian style architecture and fine Italian wines are all found just a few minutes outside the town of Calistoga, in the Napa Valley. Unlike most castles you may hear about, or could be lucky enough to come across in your lifetime, this castle’s construction began only in 1994 and was the vision of 4th generation Italian winemaker and entrepreneur Dario Sattui, who spent much of his life discovering medieval castles and wineries throughout Europe. He fell in love with 13th century Italian Tuscan style architecture, and took 14 years to complete the construction for its first opening in 2007.
Today, it continues the tradition it started in 2007 and is primarily a wine farm specializing in Italian wines, and often hosts parties and weddings alike on its premises. Interestingly, despite its use as a wine farm, this modern example of a castle comes complete with a drawbridge and a dungeon, as well as a torture chamber to further enhance the feeling that you are actually in a decades old castle. There is no mention on whether the dungeon or torture chambers are used on people who drink too much of their wine, though, so we suggest you proceed at your own risk!
Number 9: Boldt Castle.
Situated along the St Lawrence River, near New York City, the Boldt Castle lies among the spectacular “1,000 islands,” and construction of this property started back in the year 1900 by millionaire George Boldt. He wanted to build the castle as a tribute to his wife, and stated that it would rival any European castle of the time, but, unfortunately Boldt’s wife fell ill and passed away just months before completion. Devastated, Boldt halted all construction and never visited the island again, leaving the incomplete castle behind as a monument to his wife. From there, the castle would stand empty for 73 years, but, in 1977, the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority decided to begin its restoration and, at last, the castle was built up to what it was meant to be. Today it is a popular tourist attraction and weddings are even regularly held on the island. This castle is a great example of the power of restoration and, even though it was only opened in the early 1980’s, it’s a great example of 20th century architecture combined with rustic beauty.
Number 8: Coral Castle.
Located just outside of Miami in Florida, the coral castle is very special for 2 reasons. First is that it is not strictly a “castle” at all! And, Second, because the entire project was done by just one man.
As we mentioned already, the Coral Castle is not really a castle but rather a collection of stones gathered in different shapes. Some of them do indeed resemble the shape of a house, complete with stone tables and chairs, while some of the others are just small piles of rocks that loosely resemble Stonehenge.
Also as we mentioned already, the entire place was built by just one man, a Mr. Edward Leedskalnin back in 1923. Interestingly, though, a lot of the construction here is shrouded in mystery due to Edward building it all by himself using nothing but ropes, pulleys, picks and winches to move some very large stones! In all, the construction of Coral Castle took 28 years for him to complete. Despite the name “Coral,” the castle was constructed entirely from limestone and, for decades, it had a perfectly balanced stone gate that was so easy to open that even a child could open the door with a slight push.
Today, though, the formerly perfectly balanced door’s hinge has finally rusted away. While it is still a great tourist attraction and people often stop by to admire the marvel that is the Coral Castle, the door takes a bit more effort to open.
Number 7: Bannerman Castle.
Located just 60 miles up the Hudson River from New York, there is a castle which today is only a shell of its former glory. Known as the Bannerman Castle, construction started in the early 1900’s, when it was one of the most spectacular sights of the time.

AMAZING Castles in the US!

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