Actors Who Played Multiple Marvel Characters

2 months ago
These MCU Actors Got More Than One Marvel Role, Who Didn't Notice?!
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Acting in Marvel movies seems to be a real treat. So many actors not only sign on to huge nine-picture deals but they also come back to play different characters. Some have appeared in multiple roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Others have appeared in MCU movies, older Marvel movies, or X-Men movies owned by 20th Century Fox. Now that most of the Marvel characters are owned by Disney, it’s unlikely that there will be quite as many instances of actors portraying several characters.

Some of these people have played big time characters like Thanos, Captain America, Deadpool, and The Human Torch. Actors like Chris Evans, Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, and Micheal B. Jordan have all had well known Marvel roles only to get even better ones later on.

Other actors aren’t so lucky. Actors like Olivia Munn and Ray Stevenson haven’t exactly lucked out with their Marvel roles. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they can’t come back for another chance at Marvel movie greatness.

Actors Who Played Multiple Marvel Characters

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