A Cosmic Freak: Why Our Solar System is Unique

8 months ago
The universe is a bizarre and fascinating place, littered with objects
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Narrated by Jack Daniel www.jackdanielvo.com
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and forces we may never come to understand. Yet even in the context of the cosmos, our solar system stands out as being very strange indeed. For a start, there's this one planet three blocks over from the Sun that's covered in weird hairless apes that love to burn things and murder each other - sometimes both if they're in the mood. But life isn't the only thing that marks us out. Having studied other exoplanetary systems, we have recently learned that our solar system is very different to others, and this may be one of the main reasons why we exist at all. So let's find out just how individual we really are as we explore A Cosmic Freak: Why Our Solar System is Unique.How It FormedIn recent weeks we've seen some mind-blowing images of early solar system formations courtesy of the European Southern Observatory. Observations like this may help us to understand how most solar systems form, but there are still a few blanks when it comes to explaining the genesis of our own cosmic backyard.The origin story goes like this; around 4.5 billion years ago a concentrated area of gas and dust invaded each other's personal space to form a molecular cloud. Things were pretty chilly back then, so the gas huddled together for warmth, creating regions of increasing density which then collapsed under their own gravity. From this formed a protostar, and further gravitational collapses continued to add to its mass, turning it into the total beefcake star we know and love today. While the Sun was bulking up a large disc of material formed around it. This material could've been swallowed by our greedy young star, but thankfully its voice had just broken and it instead discovered fusion. As a result, an outburst

A Cosmic Freak: Why Our Solar System is Unique

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