9 Simple Etiquette Rules You Forget to Follow

7 months ago
How to Impress Others with Your Manners. Being polite and looking good never go out of fashion. Some simple basic etiquette rules will help you look stylish and charming. Find out how to look elegant and polite and how to behave properly in public to make the best possible impression on others. Pay attention to etiquette rules most of us break all the time.

How to greet people 0:33
Never be late 1:01
Men and women 1:38
How to dress properly 2:01
How to behave at the table 3:34
How to sit correctly 4:08
How to behave at a restaurant 4:46
Pouring and drinking 6:08
How to drink tea properly 6:30

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-You should shake someone's hand quickly without holding it for too long or pulling it toward you. Don't use a crushing grip, but be firm.
-If you find it hard to be punctual, learn some tricks to avoid being late. For example, prepare everything you'll need to take with you in advance, and put these items in a specific place. Try to predict any delays that might happen.
-The rules of common courtesy say that there should always be a mediator present when 2 people meet for the first time.
-The right clothes can boost your confidence and make a good impression on others. Don't buy clothes with imperfect shoulders. All parts of a suit should be the same style and in the correct size. A jacket sleeve should cover your wrist, but it shouldn't cover the lower joint of your thumb.
-Wait until the host invites you to the table. Don't sit down at the table without an invitation because there may be a seat assigned to you. Pay attention to your hands, and don’t put them on the table. It’s better to keep them in your lap.
-Keep your knees close to each other and your legs parallel. You can also use a royal trick called the “Cambridge Cross": put one foot behind the other, crossing your ankles.
-If you go to a restaurant with a group of people, wait until everyone has taken their seats. Typically, you should start your meal with the utensils farthest from your plate. After that, move toward the center.
-For women, it's important to make sure that your lipstick doesn't leave a mark on your glass. Dry your lips with a tissue before drinking. Every person at the table should pour their own drink.
-Stir your tea carefully without making sounds with the teaspoon.You shouldn't leave your spoon in the cup. Rest it on the edge of your saucer.

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9 Simple Etiquette Rules You Forget to Follow

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