8 STRANGE Deep Water Mysteries

1 year ago
From unexplained disappearances at sea; to the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis; here are 8 Strange Deep Water Mysteries

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Baltic Sea Anomaly (thumb?)
That refers to an anomaly located by a team of Swedish divers in the Baltic Sea in 2011. On the northern floor on the sea, they reported a strange formation that was around 200 feet in diameter (60 m), more than 13 inches thick, and had the appearance of rough granite. Located nearly 300 feet below the surface (90 m), the object is said to stand on a 26 foot tall pillar-like structure (8 m). That includes a structure that resembles a staircase, which leads into what appears to be a dark hole. A smaller structure located nearby looks like a type of ‘runway’ and measures some 980 feet (300 m). While sonar images of the anomaly have been made, we couldn’t find any actual photographs of the object. The best known image is actually a 3-D interpretation by an artist named Hauke Vaut … and it kind of makes the thing look like a UFO that flew straight into the sea … and from another perspective, it kind of makes you wonder if Han Solo didn't somehow crash land the Millennium Falcon on Earth. Others might see it as evidence of an ancient civilization. But there’s nothing to support that claim any more than conjecture that it really could be a downed UFO. Divers claim that electronics like cameras and satellite phones didn’t work when they were swimming above the object, suggesting it emits some sort of magnetic field. While some sources think it could be the remains of an old battleship … others think it could be a glacial deposit. Something seems to be down there, all right … but so far, no one has solved this mystery.

Bermuda Triangle
This one is likely the best known unsolved mystery on the list. This area comprises around a half billion square miles in the North Atlantic Ocean where aircraft and vessels are said to have mysteriously disappeared. That, of course, has inspired all kinds of speculation as to whether the area contains UFOs, alien bases, or portals to other dimensions. Now we can add another mystery to the Bermuda Triangle -- the sudden emergence of a new island! The crescent shaped land formation looks a bit like a croissant … and coming from a place like the Bermuda Triangle, you might expect the pastry to be abnormal in some regard -- in this case, it would be large enough to feed the extraterrestrials and other paranormal beings conjectured to reside in the region. But this new island (or sandbank) is terrestrial in origin (we think) and measures about a mile long and 400 feet wide. Located off the coast of North Carolina, it’s been christened “Shelly Island” due to the great number of shells on the shore. It has attracted a lot of visitors, but experts advise people to keep their distance. Along with strong riptides, huge stingrays and sharks around feet long infest the waters there. It’s said that the US Coast Guard disputes the existence of the Bermuda Triangle. Will that include this mysterious new island as well?

Where Is Atlantis?
It was first mentioned by Plato in 360 BC, and described as an island that was located near the Pillars of Hercules … which are land masses flanking the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. According to Plato, Atlantis sank in the Atlantic Ocean. But that wasn’t the end of the story, as all types of speculation about the island has persisted through the ages. Did you know that a theory called crustal displacement suggests that some 12,000 years ago Antarctica might have been ice free, allowing people to live in the region. Some speculate that Atlantis was a city there … and its location may have been confirmed by the controversial Piri Reis map in the 16th century. It depicts what appears to be the Antarctic coast hundred of years before its discovery. Some theories closer to Plato’s location for Atlantis speculate that it was located near the Greek island of Santorini, which was once known as Thera. In a sense, maybe Atlantis was Thera. That island was populated by skilled merchants and traders known for their wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately, it was the site of one of the largest ever recorded volcanic eruptions around 1640 BC. While the city of Santorini has survived, the story of Thera may have inspired the legend of Atlantis.

8 STRANGE Deep Water Mysteries

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