8 Best Things The MCU Did Differently To The Comics

4 months ago
How to make Civil War genuinely interesting? Add some depth.


00:38 - 01:33: Planet Hulk comic/Thor: Ragnarok

01:34 - 02:37: Captain America movie trilogy/Ed Brukaber's Winter Soldier comics

02:38 - 03:37: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

03:38 - 04:45: Civil War movie/comic

04:46 - 05:27: Spider-Man: Homecoming

05:28 - 06:22: Black Panther movie/Christopher Priest comics run

06:23 - 07:40: Guardians Of The Galaxy movies

07:41 - end: Avengers Infinity War/Infinity Gauntlet comics storyline.

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8 Best Things The MCU Did Differently To The Comics

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