6 Crazy Recent Scientific Discoveries

11 months ago
If a species is to survive and become dominant it must strive...
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With all the negativity in the news of late, such as the Charlottesville marches, the prospect of North Korean conflict and the impending end of Game of Thrones season six, it can be easy to forget that mankind is still making great progress on a number of different fronts. In late July, mankind took its first tentative steps towards becoming an interstellar species, with Breakthrough Initiatives’ launching of a prototype spacecraft capable of travelling to another star system. Until around 650 million years ago our planet was home to nothing but simple bacteria. Then, complex life evolved, and out of that every animal you know, love and hate came to be.The evolution of simple bacterial life into complex organisms is one thing, but even more impressive is the ability of Goldfish to get themselves drunk by carb-loading. Please for the love of God listen to the rest of this entry before shoving a heap of dry roasted down your allergic kid’s throat.If anyone’s planning on taking a sick day soon I’d get to it right away. What would you expect to find if you searched deep beneath a giant Antarctic ice sheet?

6 Crazy Recent Scientific Discoveries

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