5 Ways Steven Universe Was Changed In Other Countries

10 months ago
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Steven Universe is a popular American animated series that was the first cartoon to be created solely by a woman for Cartoon Network.

The woman in question, Maryland's own Rebecca Sugar, based the lead character - a half-alien boy who lives with the Crystal Gems (magical, humanoid aliens named Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst) in the fictional town of Beach City - on her younger brother Steven, who just so happens to be an artist on the series. The show follows the titular character's adventures as he and his friends attempt to protect the world.

The show is, of course, aimed mainly at kids, so it's largely inoffensive, but that didn't stop certain parts of the world (the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, for example) from censoring certain aspects of it - and that's what this video's all about.

Some of the things in the show that have been changed around the world include; dialogue in the show has been altered to be less offensive, signage in the show has been altered to be less offensive, the violence in the show has been watered-down considerably, anything deemed to be homosexual has been edited out (yes, really, in 2018!), and some scenes have been cut short (with some entire episodes not getting aired).

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1. Altered dialogue
2. Altered signage
3. Watered-down violence
4. Homophobia
5. Snipped scenes (and episodes!)

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5 Ways Steven Universe Was Changed In Other Countries

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