5 Strangest Anomalies in Space

By : Dark5 - 11 months ago

Description :
White holes have never been seen before, but scientists predict they should exist. What are they? Where are they? And why can't they be found? Subscribe to Dark5 ► http://bit.ly/dark5
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Dark5 presents 5 mysterious space anomalies that scientists can't explain... including White Holes, the strange opposites of black holes that should exist but haven't been found; the Great Attractor that is pulling our galaxy the Milky Way to an unknown point across the universe; the Viking probe discovery of methane on Mars that could be proof of alien life; the unidentified force of the Pioneer Anomaly that is slowing down 2 NASA space just after they passed Saturn; and the Kuiper Cliff that could be proof the the missing Planet 9.

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5 Strangest Anomalies in Space