5 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far!

2 years ago
5 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far!


Education is becoming an increasingly polarizing topic as people try to understand what the role of the teacher should be in their students’ lives. One point that becomes prominent is the question of punishment: can a teacher punish their students, and to what extent? These are five school punishments that went way too far.

5. Two Students Forced to Hold Hands and Endure Homophobic Insults After Fighting

In 2012 two boys were made to publicly hold hands by their principal, Tim Richard, after they were caught fighting in their Arizona High School. Edwards, who had only been principal of the school for one year, gave the two boys the choice of suspension or holding hands for 15 minutes in front of the school. While the boys sat and held hands, the school surrounded them, bullied them, insulted them, and made homophobic comments. The school district said that this unconventional disciplinary action violated the school district’s policy. Richard said that he has been forbidden by the school district from telling his side of the story.

4. Autistic Child Voted out of Class

Alex Barton, a kindergartener with an undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder, was removed from his class by his teacher and fellow students for what they considered to be inappropriate and disruptive behavior. While it’s not abnormal for disruptive children to be removed from their class, the teacher’s twisted form of democracy is what makes this case stand out. The teacher, Wendy Portillo, held a vote to see whether or not Barton should be removed from the class. The vote passed 14-2. If that weren’t bad enough, however, the teacher had each member of the class tell Barton what they didn’t like about him. After the incident, Barton was removed from the class by his parents and transferred to a new school where he began making the honor roll. Portillo changed schools, where she found herself in hot water again for discriminating against a little girl with a hearing disability.

3. Smack for a Snack

Two male workers at New Creation Child Care in Kentucky were found to have been forcing children to play a sadistic game in order to eat while at the daycare. The game was called smack for a snack, and children were required to line up and be hit with rulers in order to eat a yogurt, and according to one of the daycare workers responsible they had hit “20 plus kids.” One mother became suspicious when her child would return from daycare covered in marks and bruises and the investigation began. One of the men was charged with second-degree assault, and the daycare is currently under supervision from the state agency responsible for regulation of childcare. The daycare declined to comment on the matter.

2. Principal Strip Searches 13 Year Old Girl for Over the Counter Drugs

Eighth-grade honor student Savana Redding was stripped to her bra and panties by school officials because she was suspected of giving another student ibuprofen and naproxen, two NSAID pain relievers with no recreational effects, based on the unverified reports of two witnesses. When school officials began targeting drug use on the school grounds, a student supplied them with ibuprofen and told them that another girl had given to him. That girl, when searched, had several more pills and a razor blade. She told the school that Redding have provided her with the pills, and school administrators searched Redding’s backpack. When her backpack was found to contain no drugs, she was taken to the nurse’s office and strip searched. They, of course, found nothing.

1. Teacher Stuffs Autistic Child in “Therapy Bag”

Chris Baker, a 9 year old boy with autism, was stuffed into a duffel bag and left in the hallway outside of the classroom until his mother arrived to pick him up. According to the boy, he was placed in the duffel bag because he was not doing his school work, while according to the school the boy was “jumping off the walls.” It wasn’t until Chris Baker’s mother met with the school that she found out that the “therapy bag” had been a common punishment for Chris’s behavior. This was legal because in the Bakers’ home state of Kentucky, there are no laws protecting students from being restrained in such a manner.

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5 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far!

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