5 Reasons Yukio Is Secretly Deadpool 2's Most Important Character

12 months ago
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The dark, twisted and downright hilarious movie Deadpool 2 is currently showing in theatres around the world - and movie audiences are absolutely loving it (just like they did with the first one)!

The weird and wonderful characters in Deadpool 2 are what truly make it a great movie - and one of the new ones it introduced was Shiori Kutsuna's Yukio.

Yukio was in a lesbian relationship with Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead and, although she didn't have a particularly big part, she made a very big impact - and this video will explain why she's more important than you might think.

The reasons for her being important are; that she's representing the LGBQT community in comic book movies, which is something that's been sorely lacking over the years. That she also adds some cultural diversity to the movie, given that she's a Japanese character played by a Japanese-Australian actress. That she's actually extremely powerful, so she's important to the heroes she fights alongside. That she's been in two movies now, so Fox and Marvel must think she's an important character. And that Deadpool likes her, which meant her perked up after the pair interacted for the first time in the movie, enabling him to fight on and enabling the events of the movie to actually happen!

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1. LGBQT representation
2. Cultural representation
3. She's extremely powerful
4. She's appeared on screen before
5. Deadpool likes her

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5 Reasons Yukio Is Secretly Deadpool 2's Most Important Character

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