5 Rappers that became Famous from Soundcloud

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Soundcloud Rappers: Here's our list of the top 5 Rappers that became Famous from Soundcloud!

Soundcloud has exploded in recent years as a platform for people to share their music for
free. It allows for basically anyone to become famous if they stand out in some way. No other
genre has been as successful on Soundcloud as rap, but it’s not traditional rap by any means.
You know these artists for their wannabe grunge appearance and sub bass beats that sound
like prolonged farting. But not every rapper has made it big on Soundcloud by making grunge-
trap, so you’ll have to wait till #1 to see who it is. Here’s 5 rappers that became famous from

5) Lil Peep

The recently deceased singer and rapper Lil Peep’s music and lyrics are just as striking his
intimidating appearance was. The 20 year old Long Beach rapper was decorated head to toe
in tattoos and that kind of edgy appearance reflected in his music. His production style blends
90’s emo and grunge with modern hip-hop and trap beats. Lil Peep’s lyrics often have themes
of angst, addiction, and depression. He cited acts from Kurt Cobain to Gucci Mane as
4) Ugly God
Standing out in the expansive world of Soundcloud rap is a difficult task. Soundcloud rappers
such as Ugly God are becoming known for their bizarre lyrics and appeal to internet meme
culture. Although his personality and music differ significantly from most other rappers, Ugly
God has somehow secured a cult following nonetheless.
After posting his debut single “I Beat My Meat” on YouTube in 2014 Ugly God enjoyed a brief
spark of popularity. The song’s odd lyrics combined with a unique beat built on top of Apple’s
famous marimba ringtone, resulted it spreading rapidly. Even after Ugly God removed the
song from YouTube due to his school expressing disapproval, the song was reuploaded by
fans. Ugly God continues to gain popularity, and he was named a XXL freshman in 2017.

3) Lil B
Also known as “The Based God”, Lil B was one of the first rappers to build a following almost
exclusively by promoting himself on social media. He coined the term “based” to describe the
attitude of positivity and tolerance that influences his music and overall life outlook. The music
and philosophy of Lil B continues to influence today’s generations of Soundcloud Rappers,
even if he is less popular than he used to be. Lil B was so prolific in his prime, he released as
many as 10 mixtapes per year. After a two year hiatus he self-released his long awaited
mixtape Black Ken in 2017. Lil B may not be as relevant as he used to be only a few years
ago, but he is a historic figure in the whole scheme of internet artists.
2) Lil Pump
The one and only thing Lil Pump is great at, is mad libs. The secret to his formula is simple:
Pick a name out of a hat, compare said name to how rich and successful he is, and rap it over
a booming beat. From “D-rose” to “Gucci Gang” it’s not hard to identify a Lil Pump song. The
kid’s only 17, and is giving Jaden Smith a run for his dad’s money for the most popular
teenage artist of today.
1) Chance the Rapper
Becoming a successful musician is difficult enough, but mixing that with entrepreneurship is a
monumental task. But Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, aka Chance the Rapper has paved the
way for Soundcloud Rappers and independent musicians of all genres with his insistence on
remaining independent. His 2015 album Coloring Book won three grammy awards – the most
ever for any independent artist.
But not only has Chance the Rapper been incredibly successful without ever signing to a
label, he has helped Soundcloud stay afloat. After the site announced massive was close to
bankruptcy in September 2017, Chance the Rapper tweeted the site was here to stay. He had
used his influence to rally a massive amount of support in keeping Soundcloud afloat.
That was 5 rappers that became famous from Soundcloud. Do you think Soundcloud will
continue to be the popular way to discover new artists? Let us know in the comments and

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5 Rappers that became Famous from Soundcloud