5 Huge Plot Holes That Made Marvel Movies BETTER

7 months ago
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe – like many blockbusters – suffers its fair share of errors, omission, and plot holes. Inconsistencies and gaps in logic that range from trivial to hugely consequential, with some completely affecting the outcome of a film's plot. Admittedly not all plot holes are the result of a rushed productions or sloppy writing, they can also serve as a shortcut for filmmakers driven to give fans and general audiences alike a thrill ride of adventure, suspense, and action!

Today we're going to look at some plot holes in the MCU that made their respective movies awesome. While plot holes can sometimes stretch the credibility of the premise in a film or downright ruin a night out at the movies, they can also help advance the action and make for some really fun action sequences.

From Peter Quill's Walkman to Tony Stark's uncanny ability to defy the laws of physics, we're giving you a quick and dirty breakdown of plot holes we caught that helped make the movie better! Not only we're not mad these mistakes were made, we're ecstatic we found them because they made us realize how good these movies can be! If you've ever wondered how Odin's Son gets around after the events of 2011's “Thor” or the true power that Thanos wields after he gets his meaty mitts on the Infinity Stones this video is for you, so hit play, lay back and let us take you on a tour of the MCU's more glaring and mesmerizing plot holes.


By Train, Plane or Bifrost
Quill's Space Jams
Spider-Man: Timeline
The Invincible Tony Stark
Thanos’ Technicolour Gauntlet

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5 Huge Plot Holes That Made Marvel Movies BETTER

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