5 Actors Who Quit Social Media Because Of Angry Fans

11 months ago
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Let's kick this whole thing off with a very obvious and very simple fact that shouldn't even need stating: Actors are NOT the same as the characters they play. When they're in movies or television shows, they're ACTING (the clue is in the word "actor"). And if you've ever bullied an actor because of something their CHARACTER did - online or otherwise - you really do need to take a long hard look at yourself!

That being said, sadly, cowardly bullying of that nature happens all the time in the modern world - it's particularly easy to do from behind a computer screen when you have a picture of a cat as your profile picture - and, rather unsurprisingly, the actors on the receiving end don't like it very it much.

In this video, we'll take a look at five actors who were ruthlessly and senselessly bullied off social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) by angry so-called "fans" of their movies and TV shows who simply didn't think before they spoke (N.B. You're absolutely NOT a fan if you've ever done this).

The actors in question are; the Star Wars sequel trilogy's Daisy Ridley, Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Kelly Marie Tran, Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones, The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt and Game of Thrones' Faye Marsay.

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1. Daisy Ridley
2. Kelly Marie Tran
3. Leslie Jones
4. Josh McDermitt
5. Faye Marsay

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5 Actors Who Quit Social Media Because Of Angry Fans

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