4 Ways The Earth Could End...Very Soon

2 years ago
Doomsday prophecies predicting the end of the world are as old as
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mankind itself. But the stark truth is that as mankind advances technologically our chances of destroying our planet increase dramatically. 252 million years ago our planet decided it was sick of all these weird creatures crawling all over it. Another historical cause of large-scale extinction here on Earth is asteroid impact.Earth is already in the midst of its sixth major extinction event. If an asteroid impact or volcanic eruption were to take place right now, the remaining life-forms may not have enough between them to survive within this altered climate. The concept of Nanobots has been suggested as far back as the 1950’s, when physicist Richard Feynman described his idea of miniature robots capable of working, repairing and creating things on a molecular level.

4 Ways The Earth Could End...Very Soon

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