3 Ways Man Could Travel Faster Than Light

By : Strange Mysteries - 1 year ago
670,616,629 miles per hour; that is the speed limit of the universe.
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The speed of light. Nothing with mass can travel faster, and because of this limit, interstellar travel towards stars more than a hundred lightyears away seems problematic, and downright impossible for galaxies that are upwards of millions of lightyears away. But what if we could cheat physics? The theory of special relativity forbids any object from moving at light speed. It doesn't matter how small it is, how much weight it's lost recently thanks to its fancy new diet, it is physically impossible for anything of mass to haul ass directly from A to B at faster-than-light speed. The idea of wormholes being used to cross the galaxy at faster-than-light speed has been discussed at length by sci-fi authors and guys who live in their mom's basement for decades now. In real life, teleportation does not work in the same way it does in the movies. Whereas in Star Trek you can shoot blue lasers at something, dissolve it and have it reappear at another point in space, in reality, what you've just done is destroy the original object and make a copy.

3 Ways Man Could Travel Faster Than Light

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