25 World's CRAZIEST Sports

8 months ago
Sure, you know all about those big-time, name brand sports like football and soccer … or basketball and baseball. You might know your share about cricket and rugby as well. But have you ever settled down to enjoy a match of Extreme Ironing, Chess Boxing, or Shin Kicking? If those games sound unfamiliar, join us now as we check out 25 of the world’s craziest sports!

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#9 Extreme Ironing
Have you ever taken part in a game that combines the exhilaration of extreme sports with the benefits of a well-pressed shirt? If not, you should give this sport a try. Participants basically take ironing boards to remote locations like mountainsides and forests, and proceed to iron clothing. Such performances have also taken place underwater and while parachuting!

#8 Kite Tubing
Here’s a variant of towed tubing that is taking off as a sport … but there are a few dangers inherent. Tubes towed on the water can become airborne and become a kite. Whether flight can be maintained is reliant on a couple of factors … including the tube’s size and shape, the speed at which it is traveling, and the weight of the rider. Because the rider usually has little (or no) control of the tube once it’s airborne, it can lead to a deadly crash. In fact, our sources indicate that nearly 40 injuries and two deaths have been reported in regard to kite tubing.

#7 Henley-on-Todd Regatta
This sounds like a pretty impressive boat race … and that’s essentially what it is -- except there are no boats involved. The event is held annually on the sandy bed of Alice Springs Todd River in Australia. Around 20 teams compete in this dry boat race each year. The ‘boats’ are constructed from metal frames, and the ‘rowers’ are more like runners who navigate their vessels across the hot sand. Interesting to note it is the world’s only dry river regatta. As such, it’s also the only regatta that was ever cancelled due to flooding!

#6 Underwater Hockey
In the UK, this limited contact sport is also known as Octo-push. Similar to ice hockey, two teams attempt to control a puck. In this case, the puck is underwater, at the bottom of a swimming pool. Teams compete to move the puck with their hockey sticks (or pushers) into the opposing team’s goal. Lung capacity would obviously be a sought after trait here.

#5 Bossaball
How would you like to play game that combines elements of soccer, volleyball and gymnastics. Sounds pretty cool … add in the fact that you play on an inflatable court with trampolines on either side of the net, and you’ve got Bossaball. It originated in Spain, but the name is often linked to the Brazilian Portuguese ‘Bossa Nova’. And that fits in with Bossaball’s mission of combining sports, music, and positive vibes.

#4 Quidditch
You can thank JK Rowling and the magic Harry Potter for this sport. In this real world variation, two teams comprised of seven players each play on a pitch the size of a hockey rink, while mounted on broomsticks. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of dodgeball and tag.
It is based on the game of the same name in the Harry Potter universe. To distinguish the live action version from its fictional counterpart, this version of the game is sometimes called ‘Muggle Quidditch’.

#3 Chess Boxing
So here’s an excellent union between brains and brawn. Chess boxing involves the cerebral strategic game with the sweet science of pugilism. The hybrid game play out over 11 rounds … 6 rounds of chess and 5 round of boxing, which alternate. Each round (chess or boxing) lasts 3 minutes. Participants must be well versed in both games, and can win by knockout, checkmate, or an opponent’s resignation (which can occur in either chess or boxing).

#2 Wife Carrying
FYI, the woman carried by the male contestant doesn’t not necessarily have to be his own wife … she could be married to someone else. The main thing is that she’s a female teammate. The idea is for the guy to carry her through an obstacle track in the shortest time possible. Several styles of carrying are allowed, including piggyback and the fireman’s carry (or over the shoulder). The world championships are held annually in Finland, where the sport was introduced. Did you know the prize is dependent on the wife’s weight in brew?


25 World's CRAZIEST Sports

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