25 Twisted Simpsons Facts That Will Surprise Even Longtime Fans

7 months ago
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The Simpsons has gone through a lot of changes over the past 29 years, both on-screen and behind the scenes. The show is always welcome to controversy and has made a lot of headlines over the years. The show has also kept a lot of facts and figures out of the public eye.

In each opening of the show, Bart is known for his chalkboard messages, but a few of them have pushed the limits when it comes to content and innuendo. Itchy and Scratchy are two beloved characters from The Simpsons, but there was one point when Fox wanted the violent creatures off the show. Cletus is a supporting character who is known for a large collection of children with some pretty unusual names. Ned looks young and fit, but Homer’s neighbor is actually around 60 years old. 1989 is the premiere year of the Simpsons, but the yellow-skinned family did not spend too much time living out the 80’s lifestyle. Speaking of aging, Lisa Simpson has had a few birthday parties in her day, including twice when she actually celebrated the same eighth birthday. Homer may be a drunk and a doof, but he can blame everything on his sad and oppressive childhood. Homer has had over 100 jobs through 29 seasons, but the first time he was ever fired turned out to be a lot more horrific than we ever expected. The Simpsons have a dark family secret involving Marge’s Uncle Arthur and his history with guns. Watch to see all 25 of these twisted facts and the way the Simpsons have dealt with them over the years!

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25 Twisted Simpsons Facts That Will Surprise Even Longtime Fans

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