25 STUPID Trends That Will Make You Cringe

By : list25 - 8 months ago
Do you remember some of these stupid trends? There was one point where these trends were actually cool (cat screams in the background). No, seriously. Once you see which trends were talking about you’ll know what we mean. Thank goodness we saw the light! Check out these 25 stupid trends that will make you cringe.

Occasionally, some dumb trend comes around and catches everyone by surprise. Before you know it, kids are doing it, parents are doing, grandparents are doing it…sometimes even the family pet is doing it. But almost as quickly as it comes, these stupid trends to go away...and we’re all the better for it. Check out some of these unbelievably dumb trends (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which of these trends you think was the dumbest.


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Do you remember Harlem Shake? Were you in a Harlem Shake? At one point, everyone was doing a Harlem Shake video. But, the fad came and left. Then there’s the duck face. And before you go pointing at girls, guys did it too. Oh! And who can forget planking? Do you remember planking? Where people lied face down in awkward places? Many people got hurt…some even died! Check out these 25 stupid trends that will make you cringe.

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25 STUPID Trends That Will Make You Cringe