25 Simple Ways To Tell If An ID Is FAKE

8 months ago
You won’t believe these super simple ways to tell if an ID is fake. While fake IDs are a common way to encourage underage drinking, they are a serious counterfeit that can get you in trouble with the police. If you work as a bartender, bouncer, security, or just want to be informed, you have to see these simple ways to tell if an ID is fake. Join Mike from List25 as we show you the best way to check a fake ID and tell if an ID is fake.

These simple tricks will show you how to be a human lie detector and tell if identification is fake! Stop underage drinking and kick the teenagers out of your favorite bar with these simple ways to tell fake IDs from real ones. Mike from List25 will walk you through all the easy ways to check a drivers license and question a potential underage teenager with a fake ID. You’ll feel like law enforcement with these simple tricks to spot a fake ID. Check out these top facts for super simple ways to tell if an ID is FAKE and leave us a comment with your best fake ID story!

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These simple ways to check fake ids will have you looking for the real ID like a trained bouncer. Mike will talk you through how to read body language, scope out patterns, and catch any underage kid with a fake ID. Learn with us the top ways to check a fake ID including checking the description, scoping out the signature, looking for laser perforations, finding the fine-line patterns, and looking for the rainbow printing. These fake ID simple tricks and facts will teach you things you never knew about fake IDs including checking for polycarbonate material, microprint, and barcodes. Want to learn more amazing hacks, tips, and tricks? Check out these 25 Simple Ways to Tell if an ID is Fake and watch the rest of our tips in our playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xtGRnGfiOw&list=PL3Ikn3SKdJHjqnJTO-LgHp5kV_mqRb3FF

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25 Simple Ways To Tell If An ID Is FAKE

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