25 Signs Of EVOLUTION You Can Find On YOUR BODY

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These are 25 signs of EVOLUTION you can find on your body! When you think of evolution or natural selection, most people think any major changes to the human body happened thousands of years ago. Surprisingly, evolution is still in progress and you can see these vestigial signs of evolution on your body today. The evidence for evolution can be see all over your body, including your hands, your feet, and your insides. Curious to know more? Watch this video to see what amazing signs of evolution you can find on your body.

These signs of evolutions are some of the most interesting facts we’ve ever shared. You’ll be shocked to learn that homo sapiens are still in the process of evolving from more primitive days. From innate reflexes in babies to extra muscles from our neanderthal days, these vestigial signs of evolution in humans will blow you away. Are you ready for these evolution facts? Check out our countdown of signs of human evolution and leave us a comment below letting us know which of these you still have!

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These body parts are amazing signs of our evolution from the past. The Darwin-Tubercle, a cute little bump on your ear, is a gift from our primate ancestors whose long ears evolved into our shorter ears. Similarly, the Auricularis ear muscles, Plantaris muscle, and Subclavius muscle are all proof of evolution located just under your skin. Likely the most interesting pieces of your body left from evolution are those that are not primate at all like the Philtrum, hiccups, the Phrenic nerve, and the Plica Semilunaris which have their roots in fish and amphibians. Looking for weird signs of evolution? Look no further than the prostatic utricle (the male uterus) that’s floating around in men all over the world. Want more signs of evolution? Be sure to watch this video for our full list of signs of human evolution and see what made our top ten!

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