25 SHOCKING Apple Secrets You Might Not Know

By : list25 - 7 months ago
This may not surprise you but there are a few shocking Apple secrets many people don’t know. These may not necessarily be bad secrets (though some of them might be), rather they’re just things most people don’t know. Are you an Apple fan? Then you might find these secrets interesting. Check out these 25 shocking Apple secrets.

Arguably, Apple has been one of the most important consumer technology innovators on the market. They’re iPhone products and tablets are famous all around the world and most people are familiar with the Apple brand. However, as familiar as Apple may be, they do have their share of secrets. Check out these Apple secrets (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which of these secrets was the most shocking to you.


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Did you know that Apple is reported to have a “secret police” that protects their secret projects from the public? With that said, did you know that at one time there was an 8-sided iPhone prototype (that must have looked weird)? By the way, there are ways you can buy Apple products for cheaper. Moreover, Apple Care? Not necessary until the end of your first year with the Apple product. Check out these 25 shocking apple secrets.

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25 SHOCKING Apple Secrets You Might Not Know