25 SCI FI Universes We Wish Were Real

8 months ago
If you’re a geek like us you’ll love these sci fi universes we wish were real! These alien worlds and expansive spaces showcase how amazing science fiction can be and if we’re honest, we really want to go there! These sci fi worlds are a thing of television and movie lore, with a sprinkle of video game and book universes to boot. Get ready to blast off from Earth to visit these 25 Sci Fi Universes We Wish Were Real!

The amazing thing about science fiction is that sci fi worlds are not bound by what we experience here on Earth. It’s because of the freedom of these sci fi worlds that we can truly enjoy the diverse space exploration of the Star Wars universe, the technology of the Babylon 5 universe, and the nostalgic love of the Star Trek universe. These sci fi space systems let us know exactly what’s possible just beyond our reach. Check out our countdown of the best sci fi worlds we wish were real and leave us a comment letting us know which amazing universe we missed!

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These amazing sci fi worlds have captured our imagination and encouraged us to dream bigger. There is likely no science fiction world deeper than that of Isaac Asimov - who wouldn’t want to co-exist with the space faring species of his novels not to mention reading the treasure trove of fan fiction spawned by his work? Then there is the work of John Scalzi in Old Man’s War - a simple story built on an amazing premise that secures it a place in sci-fi history. Of course who can forget space through the eyes of Cowboy Bebop? The mysterious and bluesy space exploration is one we could all join. Ready to embrace your inner sci-fi nerd and learn all about these amazing universes? Join us as we countdown the 25 best science fiction universes; you won’t believe who made the top 10!

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25 SCI FI Universes We Wish Were Real

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