25 Scenes Pixar Stole From Other Movies

12 months ago
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Pixar is known for its amazing animation, hilarious characters, and heart wrenching stories, but what you may not know is that it does movie references better than just about anyone. They pack their movies full of call backs and recreations and straight up copies of some of the most famous movies ever made, and even if you don’t notice them at first, they blow you away when you do. In the Toy Story movies, there was Star Wars: A New Hope and Darth Vader’s trademark breathing, a hilarious Total Recall moment from Buzz, the iconic boulder scene from Raiders of the Lost Arc, a disturbing arcade game based off of Alien, a Vertigo remake that is visually amazing, a 2001: A Space Odyssey throwback, Return of The Jedi’s alien periscope, The Empire Strikes Back’s famous climax, and a Mission Impossible moment that you can’t miss. In Monsters Inc it’s a classic cool slow motion walk from The Right Stuff, and Finding Nemo has Kramer VS Kramer, The Shining, and The Birds going for it. In The Incredibles, it’s a Citizen Kane montage that is almost identical, and in Ratatouille an introduction worthy of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, as well as a Rocky moment later on. There’s Blade Runner, E.T, another shot at A New Hope, another look at 2001, a throwback to The Lost World, King Kong, and The Wizard of Oz, with a hilarious line from Chinatown and a disappearing moment from Back To The Future, and everything in between.

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25 Scenes Pixar Stole From Other Movies

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