25 Mouth Watering Doughnut Facts You Probably Didn't Know

12 months ago
Celebrate National Doughnut Day with these 25 mouth-watering doughnut facts you probably didn’t know! From our beloved red light Krispy Kreme to the doughnut superstore that is Dunkin’ Donuts, doughnuts are our favorite whenever snack! From the Dutch origins of this tasty treat to the history of how these doughnuts get fluffed, stuffed, and fried, this list will teach you every donut fact you ever wanted to know and more! If you’re looking for some interesting doughnut history to go with your tasty treat, get ready because here are 25 Mouth-Watering Doughnut facts!

Whether you call them doughnuts or donuts or small slices of heaven, doughnuts are one of the best treats-turned-breakfast that you can imagine. In celebration of Doughnut Day we wanted to educate you on every doughnut fact out there. Did you know that the first doughnut machine wasn’t created until 1920? Or that the current record setting doughnut weighed 1.7 tons? Even better, did you know that Canada has more doughnut shops than any other country (another reason to love Canadians)? These delightful doughnut facts will have you licking your lips. Make sure you watch this list all the way to the end to find out every delicious donut fact and leave us a comment letting us know what your favorite doughnut chain is (let the Tim Hortons vs Dunkin Donuts War begin).

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What could be more downright delicious than a big list of doughnut facts? A 40 billion dollar industry (and growing), doughnuts are ingrained in the culture of the USA. From the Do Doughnut Dollies of the World War II to Mae Murray’s unforgettable contribution to the doughnut industry, this list has everything you might possibly need to know about these doughy delights. Watch this list to the end to see Renee Zellweger’s doughnut diet, how bobbing for doughnuts became the best Halloween game ever, how Ukraine made the largest doughnut mosaic in history, and which city you need to move to in order to get the most doughnut shop bang for your buck and see what facts made our top 10!

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25 Mouth Watering Doughnut Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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