25 Most TERRIFYING Demons In Folklore

8 months ago
Get ready to be SCARED with these 25 most terrifying demons in folklore. These mysterious creatures from folklore are downright terrifying! These creepy creatures and scary monsters have terrified people for generations. These demons are waiting near the gates of hell to torture people for the rest of time. The haunting demons on this list are the worst of the paranormal universe and are as bad as the devil himself. You won’t believe these mysterious true stories of demons pulled straight from folklore and they will leave you feeling haunted. Get ready for a creepy feeling because here are the 25 Most Terrifying Demons in Folklore!

If you don’t know about Flauros or Mephistopheles then get ready to have a terrifying introduction to these bizarre creatures. You’ll come face to face with the Kelpie and Lilith and be left shaking in your boots from these dark fiends. These devils in disguise are waiting to torment you for all eternity. Ready to enter the land of the wicked? Are you prepared for all of your dreams to turn into demonic nightmares? Then here are the 25 Most Terrifying Demons in Folklore!

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Folklore is filled with stories of terrible spirits and haunting demons that have scared children the world over. From scary demons who required child sacrifices to stay away to hellish devil dogs that stalk your door these demons are no joke. Yuki-onna and Kiyohime, the two Japanese demons on our list, are terrifying woman out to get out and feed on your soul. Furfur (or Furcifer), Ronwe, Buer, Belphegor, Malphas, Behemoth, and Beelzebub make up the leadership of Hell in many of our stories and are forces to be reckoned with. Looking for more exotic demons? In this list with have demons from Ireland (Dullahan), Iran (Asmodeus), Bali (Leyak), Germany (Mephistopheles), China (Nian), and many more! Get ready to learn something new. Join us as we countdown the scariest demons from around the world - the top 10 will scare you!

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25 Most TERRIFYING Demons In Folklore

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